I heart Glass On the Move! Literally. There’s no way to deny it. My car was broken into the a few weeks ago and all the person got away with was my super old TomTom that probably costs $50. Completely freaked and feeling totally violated from the experience, I called Glass On The Move and prayed they could see me the next day (cause no one wants to drive around with a plastic bag for a window). Being the amazing guys they are, they told me that they would come out to moi. SCORE!! And what felt like nothing, they were driving away and I was chilling on my couch with a brand new window on my car. I cannot thank these guys enough. They were amazing; everyone I talked to was super professional and nice. I hope this never happens to me again, but if it does I know exactly who to call first.

– Erica M. ★★★★★

I was in a real pinch and needed to get a window replaced ASAP. Turnaround time to completion—an hour and a half! The staff was extremely friendly and I would definitely recommend them.

– Jasper S. ★★★★★

I had had an unfortunate run in with a rock kicked up by one of the many trucks leaving the Port of Oakland and had to come in for a chip repair yesterday. They were quick (20 minutes) & the chip looks noticeably smaller/cleaner.

– Scott P. ★★★★★


These guys are GREAT!!! Everyone is very nice, helpful. My glass had to be special ordered as the dealer didn’t even have it in stock. They let me know as soon as it came in and it was replaced that day. The service was fast, customer service was spot on (and I am a HUGE stickler for good customer service!!!) they took care of everything with my insurance. This was the easiest , least stressful glass replacement I have had. If you hang out while they work on your care the waiting area is clean and comfortable!!! And Bonus points for having a pinball machine!

– myssi christensen ★★★★★

Great guys, fair pricing, prompt repair. Really happy to recommend these guys to anyone needing auto glass replacement.

– Alex Klassen. ★★★★★

My experience with Auto Glass was Brilliant!!! Very professional and Fast! You guys are the Best!!!

– Mary Santana. ★★★★★